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May 21, 2007

The hunt continues

I'm back in London - battered, knackered and happy it's all over. At least, the hardest part is over.

Trouble is, Cyrus managed to nick a handful of instruments belonging to bands at the Big Weekend. You need to track them down - and if you find them, you can keep them.

Today, we've got a lead on where The Gossip's bass guitar has gone. See if you can find it - it could be yours!

There are going to be more instruments from amazing bands surfacing every day this week:

* Tuesday - Mark Ronson's keyboard
* Wednesday - Kasabian's drum
* Thursday - the Scissor Sisters' tamborine
* Friday - the Kaiser Chiefs' guitar

Now go get them!


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"Today you can win a bass guitar belonging to Gossip."

^ According to the Big Weekend site, today is the guitar, not keyboard!


Oops, misread, ignore the above comment ;) I'm still overtired from the weekend!


Did anyone else notice some very strange "noise" during Chris Moyle's show this morning (21/05)? Just listened to it again and sounds like a very deep voice/heavy breathing. About 1hr 40mins in, during the news report about wifi.


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It's over now. The whole search is a success.

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In April and May 2007, I claimed there was a cover-up at the BBC to do with the words 'Frozen Indigo Angel'. It was all part of an Alternate Reality Game run by Radio 1 and the guys behind Perplex City - in fact, I encountered a character or two from Perplex City myself.

During the game, we gave away tickets to the Big Weekend, musical instruments belonging to major bands, and introduced thousands of people to a whole new world. All for free.

If you'd like to re-live the adventure, check out my first video, and then watch the rest.

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