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May 17, 2007

Crunch time

We failed. The primer signal went out on Radio 1 today, even if we did manage to delay it a bit.

You can listen to it here, drowning out Beyonce and Shakira: http://perplexcitywiki.com/w/images/2/24/FIAPrimer.mp3

And you can watch my summary of our situation here:


So, it's all down to the Big Weekend. Violet has an idea about how we can stop Cyrus before he brainwashes everyone in the crowd - check out her assessment of things at violetunderground.com.

But before then, there are still tickets to be grabbed - tonight in Southport (good luck) and tomorrow in Preston itself. No new challenge has been released for those tickets in Preston yet... but keep watching this space: http://www.silburngriggsmining.com/projectfia/.

Time is running out. I'm setting off for Preston tomorrow morning, so I might go quiet while I'm on the road - so take the time to recharge your batteries. I'll be needing your help during the event - on the ground and online, I expect.


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Damn tonights puzzle was hard. Completed it anyway.


paul when are you going to admit you are in on all this???


When did the puzzle appear? I did it about 45 minutes ago. I hope I get a reply and a chance to get involved. I live in Preston too!

Sloppy Sue

Paul...Will you marry me at Big Weekend. I think I love you.


What should happen at the end cos nowt happens for me


sooo lame


Steve, you must not have completed it properly, you know if you have. It might be too late anyway at 11pm, the first 3 or 4 to complete the puzzle get to the next stage.


Steve, you must not have completed it properly, you know if you have. It might be too late anyway at 11pm, the first 3 or 4 to complete the puzzle get to the next stage.


How old is this page? I've been offline for a few days so I've missed a lot. :S

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In April and May 2007, I claimed there was a cover-up at the BBC to do with the words 'Frozen Indigo Angel'. It was all part of an Alternate Reality Game run by Radio 1 and the guys behind Perplex City - in fact, I encountered a character or two from Perplex City myself.

During the game, we gave away tickets to the Big Weekend, musical instruments belonging to major bands, and introduced thousands of people to a whole new world. All for free.

If you'd like to re-live the adventure, check out my first video, and then watch the rest.

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