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April 2007

April 30, 2007

Big Stuff

Huge day today! Went down to the beeb to confront them - things didn't go exactly to plan, but I still found out a lot. And then there's the matter of 150,000 emails going out from the BBC with the words 'Frozen Indigo Angel' in them, for the Big Weekend. Like I said, huge. But tomorrow, I'll fill you in on everything that's happened:

Join the march

Remember - this evening is when I'm marching into Radio 1 to demand a meeting with the Controller or anyone else who  can tell me what this FIA thing is all about. The more of us turn up, the more likely we are to get answers. Join me:

I'll be there at 6pm today, Radio 1 - Yalding House. 152-156 Great Portland Street. Come and help.

April 29, 2007

An email from the BBC and missing words

I've been deciding whether to post this email I received from the guy who fired me for a couple of days now. Someone said I might get in trouble for quoting it, which is fair enough, but I think it's important enough to risk it:

From: Hugh Garry
Subject: Leave it
Date: 26 April 2007 xxxxxx
To: Paul Denchfield

Hi Paul,
Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your stab at becoming an internet celebrity since you left Radio 1 and wondered if you had an approximate date for bringing the whole charade to a close. As I don't have any hard evidence that the security breach was down to you, and despite your efforts you don't have any evidence it came from within, why don't we bring this matter to a close right now. I'm getting bored having to answer to the press and colleagues and don't want to have to launch a full investigation, which could be very bad news for you.

Bring it to an end now and I'll gladly wish you luck with whatever reality TV show it is you are trying to promote with all this.

Hugh Garry
Creativity : Mobile
Radio 1 Interactive

I cannot believe this guy - what ever happened to accountability? He thinks he can threaten me with a full investigation - I say bring it on, it'll show I had nothing to do with these 'Frozen Indigo Angel' words. I think he's just trying to cover this up. They're already starting to cover their tracks - the words have disappeared from that Colin Murray tracklisting page that we spotted last week. I bet they've gone from more places as well, too. Still, it doesnt explain why the words are still popping up on air and all over the place.

The thing is, I don't think this stops with Hugh. I think he's been ordered to keep a lid on the words, and he doesn't know what's going on either. That's why it's absolutely vital for me to talk to the Controller of Radio 1 on Monday.

April 27, 2007

Time for some answers - Frozen Indigo Angel on air

That's it - there's definitely something going on with Frozen Indigo Angel, and some people at the beeb definitely know what's going on. Check out the vid.

Okay, so some of the predictions I was sent about FIA have been wrong, but there's no doubting this one: this person, who claimed to be from the BBC, said the words would appear right at noon on Friday. Sure enough, on Jo Whileys show at 12:05pm, the words were in a song (Arctic Monkeys AGAIN). If you don't believe me, check it out (and no, I can't doctor the beeb's own recordings).

Edit: If you can't be bothered doing that, I uploaded the clip here:

I also found some old footage from the vodcast shoot that I was about to delete, with a Frozen Indigo Angel poster IN THE STUDIO. Here it is:

I've had enough with the bbc's stonewalling. I'm going down to the Radio 1 building this Monday in person, and I'm going to demand answers from Andy Parfitt, the Radio 1 Controller. If you're in London, I could do with some support - it'll put pressure on them if there are more of us. I'll be there just after 6pm so that we can confront him in there or wait till he comes out.

That's 6pm on Monday at Radio 1. 152-156 Yalding House, Great Portland Street. We're going to get some answers.

I just joined Facebook to set up an event page with more details if you're coming along. Also been using Twitter to let people know what I'm up to (-----> check the sidebar). It sends out free SMS updates, mostly with me going on about frozen indigo angel. Bit of a faff to set up, but it's cool to get SMSes about what's going on.

April 25, 2007


Hey - just putting a new video up to say thanks to everyone who's helped and to let you know some interesting info I've been sent. Also I wanted to let you know that I'm really getting to the BBC. Their own inhouse magazine Ariel has picked up the story - I've scanned it in below the video.


The article is right in the middle of the backpage so you cant miss it. Looks like Ive shaken some trees.

Also I've had some anonymous emails with all sorts of theories (some crazy, some maybe not) including someone saying thet there might be something on Radio 1 THIS AFTERNOON at 3.15. Check the video. Im still not convinced but I will be listening.

Edit: sounds like nothing happened at 3.15. Must have been random speculation sadly. So hard to tell whats part of this and whats people messing me about. Sorry for the false alarm. I'll still follow up any other tips though just in case.

April 23, 2007


Newsflash! Just got another video in. Looks like the text was on the ordinary digital radios too. Thank you, Alex, for that one.

Its happening again - the words have turned up on the scrolling text on R1's digital service. I got an URGENT! email telling me look at the website and when I saw it I went a bit crazy - and captured it on video so you can see me getting freaked out.

It looks like other people are keeping an eye out too coz I got sent some pictures someone took on their mobile of the text on a TV screen:


If anyone else saw it, let me know or send me pics. It was on during Edith Bowman's show, so that puts some more distance between FIA and Scott Mills but it means more people are probably involved.

Further weirdness has involved the headlines in the US about this Blue Angel pilot who died - 'fallen Blue Angel' is all over the internet. Surely a coincidence. I bloody well hope so anyway.

I definitely think its the BBC - it makes sense. I even watched Doctor Who over the weekend and there was a girl in an angel outfit but maybe I'm starting to see it everywhere. Its definitely enough to send someone round the twist all this.

April 22, 2007

Sore fingers

It feels like I've been typing for the last few days solid. Lots of people have mailed me mentioning another instance of FIA on a BBC webpage:


And its started turning up on other places beyond the reach of the BBC - at least beyond their direct reach:


Other odd bits and pieces have cropped up but I get the feeling that a lot of them are hoaxes or just coincidence. Like the Londonist has tied it into graffiti on random street corners which seems a bit far fetched but I'm not ruling anything out right now.

People have also said that I've been sending them mysterious emails, but I honestly havent - they didn't come from my email account, so theyre not from me. If it isn't @pauldenchfield.com, it isn't me.

So battling against all this foggy stuff has taken a lot of typing. My girlfriend is also getting quite narked off, but thats another story.

A big problem is that people think I'm part of whatever campaign 'frozen indigo angel' is about. I'm not. I got fired because of it. I don't know what its advertising, if its advertising anything - and its not a great campaign if nobody knows what its selling.

I just want to know what makes it so important that they'd fire me and risk all this bad publicity. If its advertising something, what is it? Did I get fired because I pointed it out too soon? I'm still none the wiser but there at least seems to be a pattern emerging and people are getting interested so maybe the BBC will take notice soon.

April 20, 2007

Kicking off

Check out the video. The short version is I've been fired by the BBC and they've been messing with my work. And it looks like Im not alone.

There's something iffy going on with this whole R1 thing especially with  FROZEN INDIGO ANGEL turning up all over the place. So Im going public - I've put this video on YouTube and I'm going to  start emailing the world. Hopefully, somebody knows what this FIA means. Dan's registered the FIA website address for me and it points to here as well now.

On top of the video I've put some screengrabs of the evidence on Flickr here and here.

And you can download the Scott Mills vodcast here and the Arctic Monkeys thing here - its right at the end.

I just want to get a bit of pressure going. The BBC have been ignoring me and I think my questions are fair enough.

Basically the BBC belongs to us. Its a public organisation and they should be accountable. If enough of us bang on their door, they'll have to talk to us.

So, if you're reading this, tell your mates. Tell your MP, tell the papers. The BBC owe us some answers.

Let me know if you spot these words knocking about, or if you find out anything about what theyre for. Mail me at paul@pauldenchfield.com and I'm going to start using  Twitter (over there ---->) as well to get the word around so sign up.

April 19, 2007

Wound up

I am bleedin furious. I'm trying to be polite and reasonable and controled but ****ing hell.

The BBC phoned me up and basically sacked me because of something in the last R1 video I did for them, and it was nothing to do with me. I sound like a kid I know but it really wasn't me.

That was this morning and I'm still going nuts about the whole thing.Deep breaths. I've lost count of how many times Ive counted to 10. They were just really bloody rude as well no explanation or anything. I'm going to kick up a fuss, I promise you.

April 18, 2007

Just venting

Ugh. Been a mixed few days. Had fun in Birmingham shooting things for RBS including an american football scene - don't ask - and found out I\m up for an award for last years show.

And ont he other hand I've been rowing all day with another client who will remain nameless and it feels like I'm banging my head against a wall.  Suppose I've been lucky with clients for a while now, shooting fun things with not too much editorial hassle. Into every life, eh?


In April and May 2007, I claimed there was a cover-up at the BBC to do with the words 'Frozen Indigo Angel'. It was all part of an Alternate Reality Game run by Radio 1 and the guys behind Perplex City - in fact, I encountered a character or two from Perplex City myself.

During the game, we gave away tickets to the Big Weekend, musical instruments belonging to major bands, and introduced thousands of people to a whole new world. All for free.

If you'd like to re-live the adventure, check out my first video, and then watch the rest.

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