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Grew up in central London, London is also where my grandparents on both sides of my family also grew up and along with being almost 100% British possibly makes me a contender for have the most boring background of any given Londoner.

I am the last out of four kids – and the only blond member of my family, which has led to rumors about if my family really is mine – but if you saw my parents there’s no getting away it.

Left school at sixteen and worked for a fashion photographer – Got onto Operation Raleigh and
sailed from the Seychelles to South Africa – stopping to work in a polio clinic in Kenya. This got me into sailing – landed a job delivering a wreck of a 150ft three mastered schooner topsail back to Britain form the Caribbean. There were just 11 of us & it was the scariest adventure I ever embarked on. After that I co-lead a four man expedition to the Sahara still just 21.

On my return I became a photographic agent with a woman called Jo Clarke for a year and half then left to go on a 6 week holiday to South America – where I met a girl in La Paz, so got a flat and a job.

Once the relationship broke down I traveled up north and hitched on sailing boats back to Europe. When I got back home I started working as a runner for a TV production company – Currently I’m a Producer/Director and have filmed in over 25 countries around the world.

Productions include This Morning, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, London's Hollywood, Britain's Worst Teenager, Moving Day, K9 Boot Camp, A Place in the Sun, Street Crime, Crimefighters, This London,Beyond Boiling Point, Dinner Dates, Catch me if you Can, Wanted and The Big Breakfast.

If you really want the full details or if you want to give me a job, here's the CV. Sorry if it's a bit out of date: Download PD_CV_2007a.doc (53.0K)

I'm putting some clips up on YouTube. Take a look.

I really like what I do and I live in Brixton.


Photography, film and people. I dabble in chess and I love a good story. Favorite Movies: Festen, Maltese Falcon, Brazil, American beauty, Apocalypse Now, Chinatown, Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Favourite TV: Planet Earth, 24, Colombo, The Sky at night and One Man and his Dog – Football? Favourite books: Atonement, Churchill - biography by Roy Jenkins, The Great Gatsby and A collection of Woody Allen film scripts.