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March 16, 2007

me dot com

Hey hey - it's official/. I own my own name. Got PaulDenchfield.com yesterday and with a bit of help from Dan and after a few tries hooked it up to this blog. I'm now a fully qualified web resident - about time really. I'll call in a few favours and get more nobs and buttons added as we go.

Don't know if you're interested, but I was making bloggish notes over the last few weeks so here they are.

Feb 22

I've been doing this job for a big bank, don't  know if i should say which, and its been interesting. Keeping me busy anyway. Looks like it will run for a couple of months at least and they're up for some imaginative video bits - I'll see how far I  can push them!

Also doing the ad for APITS. Nice to look back over all the rushes. Could use some sun right now.

Gave up on the tee-total thing, managed a whole month so pretty happy definitely feeling the benefit.

Feb 28

Been having fun doing the next set of vodcasts at R1. Nice to have a quick turnaround like this -  shoot it, edit it, stick it online in a few days. It's the future I tell you. Good laugh as well. Should be a regular thing, but will have to fit it round RBS.

They turned out to be up for fun stuff as well. Should be doing some silly things with bankers - will look good, I hope. Never easy to make these things entertaining, but they know that. Probably have sat through enough awards dinners to know how painful they can be.

Mar 6

Going crazy at home thanks to  thee builders next door. Every house on this street is  getting their loft turned into bedrooms - not a bad idea I've had a look at my own and thought about it - but the noise is nuts. I think it's the same team of builders working their way along. Thought about going out there and offering to help just to speed  them up.


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